Backyard Incredible Bubble Zone

The Incredible Bubble Zone is an outdoor hands-on bubble making activity that works best after an indoor presentation of The Incredible Bubble Show.


Participants get to show off their new bubble making skills using their fingers and hands, a bubble window made from straws and yarn, and with other non-traditional bubble makers.


The Incredible Bubble Zone is best located outdoors in a well defined safe area.


For large group events, I will need the assistance of volunteers to help the participants have fun and maintain a safe environment.

I usually create at least two zones to separate bubblers by age. For very large groups, it may be necessary to create multiple zones for each age group.


For small groups, bubble zones on grass work well. For large groups, I recommend that the zones be created on walkways or parking lots to prevent the grassy areas being churned into mud.


I bring "bubble potion," bubble containers, non-

traditional bubble makers, towels and fabric tarps to create a safer surface on walkways or parking lots.

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