Linda the Texas Bubblelady

The Incredible Bubble Show is a high energy indoor activity for kids and adults. The content was designed for ages 4 and older.


International Soap Bubble Artist Linda Berman has transformed children's fascination with soap bubbles into a unique interactive learning experience.


This highly visual show is curriculum based and includes a focus on reading, math, science, physics, art, colors and shapes, listening, critical thinking, and thinking "outside the bubble" all wrapped up in good, clean fun.


Audience members delight in learning how to see the world around them with "bubble eyes" - seeing ordinary objects everywhere they look in a new way - as incredible bubble makers.


The Incredible Bubble show includes: bubble safety, bubble making basics, tiny bubbles, multiple bubbles, huge bubbles, hand-blown bubbles, bubbles in bubbles, dancing bubbles, bouncing bubbles, recycled bubbles, non-round bubbles, foggy bubbles and putting people inside a giant soap bubble force field.


Participants can't wait to go home or to their classroom to start making their own incredible bubbles.


The Incredible Bubble Show is great fun for birthday celebrations, library events, school events, team building, church programs, city-wide family-friendly events and all types of special events.


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