Bubblelady with bubble window

My favorite bubble maker is a bubble window. You can make every size bubble from tiny to extra large with this tool.


You need two straight (non-bendable) drinking straws and 54" of yarn or string.

I like cotton yarn but I've had good results from inexpensive acrylic yarn, too.


Insert the yarn into both straws. Arrange the straws on a flat surface to make a rectangle. The widest sections should be 12-16" in length.


Tie a knot where the yarn meets, then tie another knot in the same place. You can pull the knot into one of the straws for a neat bubble window.


Holding the straws together with both hands, dip your hands and the bubble window into your container of bubble "potion." Lift the closed bubble window from the container and let the excess "potion" drip back into the container.


Carefully open the bubble window using the straws as handles. Gather air inside and touch the straws together to release the bubble. The more air inside, the bigger the bubble. You can also hold the rectangular open window in front of your face and blow the air from your lungs.


To make tiny bubbles, put the straws in the middle and hold onto the yarn on each side. Dip and drip the bubble window. Blow through the yarn on each side for lots and lots of tiny bubbles.

Click on the download link below to print my Activity Page that includes the Bubble Window directions

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