Inside a giant soap bubble force field

The Incredible Bubble Show is great indoor fun for birthday celebrations for all ages. The show will engage all your guests, adults, too.


There will be tiny bubbles, multiple bubbles, bubble clusters, dancing bubbles, bubbles in bubbles, foggy bubbles, non-round bubbles and HUGE bubbles.


Your guests will learn how to make incredible bubbles with their fingers and hands, with my favorite bubble maker, a "bubble window," and with ordinary items around the house.


As a finale, each of the children is invited inside a giant soap bubble force field. For parties with more than 15 children, guests are invited into the force field two at a time.


All the children receive a "bubble window" and "bubble potion recipe" to continue the bubble fun at home.


You can add an outdoor Incredible Bubble Zone after the indoor show so your guests can practice their new bubble making skills.


Please visit the FAQ page to learn more about logistics for The Incredible Bubble Show.



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